2 Packs Mole Solar Repeller – Mole Sonic Repeller for Garden – Solar Mole Repeller – Deterrent for Moles, Gophers, Voles


Mole, Vole, Racoon, and other wild animals’ invading the family’s garden is a dilemma of many households. Our solar animal repeller outdoor is made to help you deter these unwanted visitors. By using the safe and clean ultrasound wave technology, our solar powered mole deterrent device is a great alternative to the traditional chemical mole repel method. Garden soil will not be polluted while the wild animals will still be scared away.

– Turn the mole repeller on by pressing the “ON” button
– Dig a small hole where you want to place the animal repeller and pitch the ultrasonic animal repeller until 2 inches of it is above the land.
– Expose the mole repeller to the sun for 4-5 hours to charge
– The solar animal repeller outdoor should be implanted on a moist land area to operate sound better.



  • Advanced technology: Every 30 seconds, an ultrasound wave will be radiated by the mole deterrent to frighten the wild species. The mole repeller solar powered’s sound wave are out of wild animals’ tolerance level so they will not be able to come near your house and garden.
  • Energy-efficient: 2 packs of ultrasonic animal repeller use solar energy to operate, which is economical and harmless to the environment. The solar mole spike is equipped with solar cells to absorb the energy that comes from the sun. Some solar power mole repeller can work at the same time without costing electric bills.
  • Compact and practical appearance: The animal ultrasonic raccoon repeller outdoor can be pitched underground at ease. You can also move the ultrasonic animal repeller flexibly according to your needs.
  • Wide coverage & no chemical: The animal repeller emits the soundwave that can cover an area of up to 7,000 square feet. The mole repeller functions on solar power and does not use any chemical substances to scare away wildlife species. Your family is fully and safely protected by this portable mole repeller solar powered.
  • Suitable for outdoor: The solar animal repeller outdoor is made of durable ABS plastics and is designed water resistant. Even when it’s raining, the solar mole repeller weather resistant still can function properly.


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