Electronic Insect Killer


▶ 【EFFECTIVE MOSQTO CONTROL】 The eltronic mosquto killer uses two 14 watt high-frequecy incandcent lamps that can release violet UV light waves of 365NM to effeively attract mosqtoes through human bionic technology and kill them with high voltage of 1800 V. .
▶ 【POWERFUL & LARGE AREA COVERAGE】 360 degree mquito trap deign. Effective for a large area of ​​up to 60 square meters. Ideal for home, office, kitchen, resturants, schools, hospitals etc. Only for indoor use.
▶ 【SAFE & CHEMICALLY FREE】 With physical methods and low-noise opetion, it is ideal for keeping insects away. It is non-toxic, odorless and chemical free, 100% enviroentally friendly and safe for babies and pets.
▶ 【EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN】 Plug the moquito trap into the socket and work for you! This insect zaper has a removable waste bin and a brush on the bottom for easy and easy disposal and cleaning.
▶ 【DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY】 The shell is made of high quality ABS material, strong, beautiful and durable. A hook on the top, you can hang it up as needed. Scratch-resitant, solid and robust, durable.

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