Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Dry Dog Food, 24lb


About this item

  • HUMANELY RAISED BEEF: Our American Wagyu beef recipe is made with prime cuts of real meat from family farms. Our beef is also raised without the use of additives and is 100% GAP certified so you can feel good about the food in your dog’s bowl.
  • SCIENCE BASED FORMULA: Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Dry Dog Food is loaded with meaty protein, whole probiotic fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals that promote wellness and balance with a taste that even the pickiest dog can’t help but love.
  • PURE LOCAL PRODUCE: Features a high-nutrient mix of fresh natural produce like sweet potato, lentils, cranberries, and chicory root from local farms that are non-GMO and free of anything artificial to grant your dog nature’s health benefits.
  • FROM FARM TO BOWL: Dogs crave meat by wild instinct, so our recipe makes it the first ingredient. Then we skip the grain, corn, and soy in favor of smart superfoods like non-GMO pumpkin, carrot, and coconut oil for a balanced and complete diet.
  • 100% TRANSPARENCY: As a part of our commitment to transparent sourcing practices, we provide owners with the ability to trace the origin of every ingredient using the lot number on the bag, because where pet foods come from shouldn’t be a mystery.


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