PrettyLitter Health Monitoring Cat Litter, 8lb




Say goodbye to that “litter box” smell. PrettyLitter is an absorbent non-clumping cat litter that traps odor instantly and then eliminates moisture, making it ideal for single and multiple-cat households. PrettyLitter is a revolutionary, lightweight litter that changes color to monitor your cat’s health. It can help detect issues such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder inflammation, urinary stones, and blood in the urine, among others. PrettyLitter makes life as a cat owner hassle-free by being odorless, scentless & health monitoring. The absorbent crystals mean you only need to scoop the poop, which translates to easy maintenance and advanced odor control. Since you’re wasting less litter, you can change the litter box as little as once a month (not once a week like traditional clay cat litter). PrettyLitter is made of super absorbent, lightweight silica gel. Silica gel crystals are extremely absorbent, more so than other litter types, so you need less litter to do the same job. The long-lasting, non-clumping litter means lighter trash bags, less scooping and less trips to the store. The low-dust formula equals less dust and mess for cat owners concerned with asthma. This light-weight litter is here to take some of the stress out of cat parenting, so you can focus on what matters most — living a long and happy life together.
  • Crystals eliminate moisture and trap odor
  • One bag of PrettyLitter = Two month supply of litter!
  • Changes colors to monitor health
  • Just scoop the poop!
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Single & Multi-Cat Strength


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