Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test for Health & Ancestry (Free Shipping)


Some of the world’s leading geneticists and veterinarians teamed up to develop The Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test. This test delivers key insights about your feline friend, including breed breakdown, train tests and potential health risks. It works by analyzing thousands of data points, helping you provide the best care possible for your kitty, simply by helping you get to know her even better!
  • There are over 45 health tests that screen for genetic conditions and medical complications.
  • This test detects over 70 cat breeds and populations.
  • Delivers an accurate breed breakdown—see breed mix reported down to 1%
  • There are over 25 trait tests, so you can understand your pet’s coat type and color, along with other physical features.
  • Learn your feline friend’s blood type and identify her blood transfusion risk.


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