ZenPet Elbow Wrap for Dogs (Large)



About this item
– Compression wraps, engineered for support, aid in real-time prevention and recovery of muscles, ligaments and joints. OrthoWraps promote heat therapy and superior targeted compression to muscles and tendons. They support circulation and help to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue. They also help reduce lactic acid accumulation. Perfect for everyday use or whenever your dog needs it the most.
– This protective wrap is designed to help injury prevention and aid in support & recovery. No protective wrap can prevent all injuries or otherwise cure any chronic conditions.
– Do not apply over open wounds. Should not be used if your dog has an allergy to neoprene or experiences circulation problems. If a rash or other skin irritant develops, discontinue use on your dog.
– Targeted Symptoms: Chronic Arthritis, Ligament Injuries, Sprains & Other Assessments
– Helps to alleviate pain, discomfort, lameness and stiffness of the leg. Promotes compression support and circulation to ligaments and joints.


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